Membership & Directory

Introducing the Web and Mobile Online Directory

Only current, registered families may access the East Elementary PTO web and mobile directory. If you did not receive log-in instructions on or around September 20, 2018, email for access.

This year the East PTO Family Directory is a Web and Mobile App. In Spring of 2018 the PTO voted unanimously to move to an online directory because, well… it’s 2018. Just like you don’t use a phone book anymore, most of us don’t need a printed directory either. With the online directory, families can:

  • Email, text or call new friends and classmates with a simple search, right from the app (available FREE for Apple and Android phones)
  • View contact lists by classroom to ensure everyone gets an invite to the birthday party
  • Opt-out of the directory at anytime
  • Limit/Customize the contact information you provide
  • View and sign up for upcoming events
  • Pay your membership dues online with PayPal or a credit card
  • Unsubscribe from PTO emails (although we would be sad to see you go!)

Starting on September 20, 2018 you can log in to pay your $35 membership dues and update your family information. In addition to supporting our enrichment programming for the school, Membership Dues give you access to use the directory to find other family’s contact information. However, we are keeping access to search the directory closed until October 1, 2018 so that families have a chance to confirm their information, or opt-out. On October 1 anyone who has paid their membership dues will have access to all the above benefits of the directory.

There are some things families can NOT do with the online directory to ensure your privacy and safety:

  • You can not share passwords
  • You can not access the directory once your family has left the school or graduated
  • You can not download a list to excel, or blast email the whole community from the database.
  • My School Anywhere is the PTO Directory, updating your information here will NOT update it with Sharon Public Schools

My School Anywhere is the provider of this platform. The company met a review of security standards, has been in operation for over a decade, and has thousands of school PTOs as users.  My School Anywhere was highly recommended by an East parent who had used it at a previous school. The PTO pays an annual fee to My School Anywhere. The cost is equivalent to the cost of printing the database in previous years.

Here is an FAQ on My School Anywhere and its security features.

How we got the contact information that is in the database:

On August 23, 2018, Dr. Reynolds sent out an email letting everyone know that the information would be provided to the PTO from the Powerschool database.  Families that did not want to be included were given the opportunity to opt-out, by responding to Dr. Reynolds with a form letter that was attached to the email. This was the same process used for opting out of the printed directory in the past. I

f you missed that email from August 23, and you would still like to OPT OUT you can do so yourself by following the log-in instructions you received in email (From East PTO ( and choosing “display settings”. You can also email to have your family contact information removed.

To set up the directory we were provided with one email per family, but every family can add as many as three more parent/guardian emails to the database. All emails will receive PTO updates unless you click the option to unsubscribe from emails.