Community Spirit & Enrichment at East Elementary School

The East Elementary PTO


Develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement

  • Serve as an avenue of communication between school and parents.
  • Enhance the educational experience by supporting academic and enrichment activities.
  • Improve the environment at our school by providing volunteer and financial support.

Here’s how the East PTO makes a difference to your child:

  1. Providing enrichment programs beyond the school budget such as visiting authors, musicians, and science programs;
  2. Funding for items beyond the school budget, such as technology and media, teacher reimbursement, campus beautification, and musical instruments;
  3. Sponsoring activities that help to build our community, such as our upcoming Welcome Back Picnic, family nights, and community service projects;
  4. Coordinating volunteer efforts to support teachers in the classroom, on the playground, and in the library.

What We Do: Community, Communication, Fundraising


  • Organize room parent coordinators to assist teachers in classroom activities and maintain a teacher/parent network for the classroom
  • Host social activities for children and families in school and outside of school
  • Support parent/children programs such as the Lunch-In/Fun on the Playground Program and Kids with Kids
  • Organize volunteers to support activities and supplement the efforts of the school staff in the library, Beautification, and Experiencing Differences
  • Coordinate community service programs that give children a sense of commitment to others such as recycling, food pantry and seasonal collections of food and clothing
  • Supports teachers and staff by sponsoring a Welcome Luncheon, book making and publishing, library book processing, assisting with Celebration of the Arts and more


  • Inform parents of events and programs at East through newsletters, emails, special notices and open board meetings
  • Maintain open lines of communication with the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee
  • Represent the interests of East Elementary on town-wide committees such as the Sharon Youth Coalition, SEPAC (Special Needs Parent Advisory Committee) and Long Range Planning initiatives
  • Establishes liaisons and committees to address school needs such as New Family Liaison, Public Relations, and Beautification


  • Organize fundraising activities such as the Fall and Spring Book Fairs, School Photographs, Fall Adult Social, and Spring Groove
  • Help fund educational needs not met within the school budget
  • Sponsor student enrichment programs to enhance school experience
  • Co-sponsor the high school scholarship program awarded to graduating seniors