As a result of our successful Fun Run, the East community has a rare opportunity to turbocharge our school!

We have an approximately $7,000 – 9,000 budget surplus available for special projects.
Here is the process for determining how best to benefit our school:
1) We will host a Parent Forum at the next PTO meeting on November 13 at 7pm. This forum will be a specific item on the agenda and will be an opportunity for parents and teachers to make suggestions.
2) We will compile all suggestions including those submitted by email. We strongly hope that parents and teachers who make suggestions will consider leading these activities if the idea is ultimately adopted. The PTO is an all-volunteer board and we are always looking for new people to get involved.
3) A subcommittee chaired by Julie Rowe will be created from volunteers. This committee will meet twice, possibly in person or by phone depending on group availability. People interested in this subcommittee should try to attend the PTO meeting but can otherwise express interest by email to The deadline will be November 16.
4) At the first meeting, the subcommittee will select ideas to research (costs and benefits). The subcommittee members will divide up the ideas and spend some time collecting data.
5) At the second meeting, the subcommittee will determine the most viable ideas and prepare recommendations for Dr. Reynolds and for the community at large.
6) The subcommittee will present results at the January PTO meeting, where the community will vote on the proposals.