NOTES FROM East Elementary School PTO Meeting 

October 9, 2018, 7:00pm in East Cafe

Welcome & Approve Meeting Minutes: September 2018 – Minutes were approved

Principal’s Report from Dr. Reynolds – 

  • Main updates are regarding the fun run – see below.
  • Everyone should have received sign ups for Fall parent/teacher conferences.  They are adding one evening option for the fall dates. There will not be an evening option in the spring conferences, but want to accommodate as many people as possible in the fall.

Parent Speaker Series – Sharon Silverman, Pediatric Nutritionist

HUGE THANK YOU TO SHARON SILVERMAN for the wonderful information and engaging topics of discussion.

Q: Do you have any rules or thumb for healthy lunches and snacks?

A: (paraphrased) Brought a handout with lunchbox ideas (see Facebook and email attachment for hand out).  However, it is important to note that almost anything is fine in moderation.  It is essential that we are parents do not impose society’s “diet culture” on our children.  We should instead focus on being a confident eater and eating when you are hungry. Set a good example and have good choices available, but don’t impose strict rules.

Q: What to do about picky eaters?

A: Try and figure out WHY they are being picky – a lot of time it is sensory or texture issues.  Continuous pressure will not work to get kids to try things.

Recommended book on topic: Division of Responsibility by Ellen Slater:

Q: What about soda/energy drinks?

A: In regards to diet soda, there has been no research done on effects of sugar substitutes on children.  So cannot say whether regular or diet is better. However, colored soda (think coke/pepsi) affect bone development and caffine impacts calcium absorption. If you are going to do soda once in a while, Sprite or clear soda drinks are better than dark sodas.

Is there a good way to talk to your kids about weight?

A: Don’t ever talk about your weight or diet in front of kids.  Only positive body image discussions. If kids ask why you are eating differently (“dieting”) simply say that “this is what my body wants” or “I feel better when I eat like this”.

Treasurer’s Report (Sponsorship Update)

  • We are doing great so far this year on fundrasing with the online directory raising about $7,000 so far and the book fair netting around $3K.  More to come with the Fun run!

Upcoming Programming

  • insight was solicited from teachers about what has worked best for them and the children in the past.  Some upcoming programs include Acton Discovery (K+2), WBZ Weather (3rd), Xploration Star Lab, Acapella group – Beeelzebubs from Tufts University, Bubble-ology.

Progress Check

  • FUN RUN! – Videos were shown and background on the Fun Run process was given.  There is a pep rally tomorrow (10/10). Parents are welcome to come to the fun run on 10/19.
  • My School Anywhere (Directory Q&A) – make sure to download the app for easy communication with fellow parents



  • Book Fair – Stephanie Martin, Kris Webster and many other helpers
  • Picnic – Mr. Brooks & Mr. Monahan
  • Freeze Pop Fridays – Laureen Westman
  • International Walk To School Day – Julie Rowe
  • Room parents

Planning Ahead & Volunteer Needs

  • Treasurer – This is a co-treasuerer position and not a huge time commitment.
  • Family Fun Planner Needed – Providence Bruins, etc
  • Spring Groove – a Chair is needed for this fun event!
  • Monthly Staff Meeting Snacks – Need people to sign up to bring snacks
  • Photo Day – no volunteer needs, just upcoming date alert – 10/30
  • Green/Recycling Committee – anyone interested in spearheading this?

Next PTO meeting – November 13, 7:00 pm, East Cafeteria